Rt Hon David Cameron MP
"The Conservative Party through the Conservative Christian Fellowship wants to be engaged with Christians throughout the country."






Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

"The CCF are a vital link between the Conservative Party and the Christian world; it's good to know that the CCF are making an impact and encouraging more Christians to get involved".


Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP        
"The CCF has been critical in the building of links between the Conservative party and Christian churches across the Country."

Find out more about the CCF

The Conservative Christian Fellowship is an organisation of Christians who support the Conservatives. Our members range from those who just vote Conservative and want to pray and encourage decision makers to MPs, Councillors and Peers. The CCF has members all over the UK and is an interdenominational fellowship.

The CCF contributes to the life and thinking of the Conservative Party and seeks to build a strong, relational bridge between the party and the Christian community. The CCF facilitates meetings between the Christian community and the party on various policy areas such as education, international development, home affairs and community cohesion.


Our Mission

We are the bridge between the Christian world and Conservatives

We are Inspiring Christians to go into public life, equipping them when they get there

We are being ‘salt and light’ in British Politics


Our Values

We are passionate followers of Jesus Christ

We are diverse, we’re from different backgrounds and denominations

We are believers in prayer, the Holy Bible and prayer are foundation to all we do

We are united in loving God and loving our neighbour

We are angry about injustice and suffering

We are committed to high integrity in public life.


The CCF provides unrivalled help and support to each CCF member in their own quest to make an impact on our society. The CCF does this by training and equipping members through events such as our IMPACT developement course, Annual Wilberforce Address and Local groups. Those who believe their role is encouragement and prayer are connected to local decision makers to support them in their role.

Prayer and building honourable relationships are the foundations of all that we do at the CCF.

Join the CCF today... Everyone can make an impact as a CCF member.