One way in which we (and you) can get involved is to get out and about campaigning.

Whatever your level of experience there is a role you can fulfill.

The CCF always encourages members to sign up for telephone canvassing which can either be done at home or at Conservative Campaign HQ. If you can spare even just a little time between now and the next election, then get in touch with your local Conservative Association and find out how you can play a part. Go and become Salt and Light in your local party. To find out who to contact get head over to the Conservative party website and enter your postcode in the 'your local team' box HERE.

If you are a CCF member and are interested in registering for telephone canvassing to help elect our Conservative Candidates please contact us on and we will send you the registration details.

As well as those associations, the CCF staff will be getting out and about to some of our friends campaigns. If you are in the area and can join us then check out the list of dates on the left hand side.

I know the candidates will be keen to see you there.
If you prefer to conduct your campaigning in person please contact us on 020 7984 8305 . 

For more information visit the links below: