Course Contents

The IMPACT course runs over 10 months (October to July).

There is one Saturday seminar or residential weekend every month.

Weekend seminars run from Friday at 7pm to Sunday at 2pm. Saturday seminars run from 10am to 5:30pm.

 26-28 October   

 Residential  Weekend

  Developing a Biblical  Worldview

 What do I believe?

 Bible  & Politics

17 November 

 The  Principles  of the Conservative Party

 Tour of Parliament

 The aims, beliefs and history of  the    Conservative  Party

 How can I serve in the public square?

8 December

 Policy  Planning  (ILM)

 Law & Ethics

 Policy that changed the world.

11-13 January

Residential Weekend

 Leadership (ILM)

 How to be a ‘transformational leaders’.

2 February

 Communication and Public  Speaking    (ILM)

How to craft a speech, deal with the media and communicate effectively.


2 March

 Campaigning  (ILM)

 How to win an election.

6 April

 Faith and Justice

 Justice Issue: Life, Family, Human  Trafficking, Ethics etc.

10 May

 Optional Tour: Foreign &  Commonwealth
 Office (FCO)


11 May

 International Diplomacy  (ILM)

 International Relations &  Diplomacy

8 June

 The Policy Academy

 Commons  Debate  Format

5-7 July

 Graduation & Making a  Global  Impact

 United  Nations & NGO’s

Date TBC

 Optional Tour : European  Union


Assignments and Coursework

Participants are required to submit 5 assignments (2 of them are group projects) over the course of 10 months, from October to July. There are pre-reading and assignments for each seminar or residential weekend.

Speakers and Lecturers

The IMPACT course is privileged to offer input from a wide variety of speakers from either relevant academic backgrounds or with significant experience in the topic being delivered. Previous speakers range from senior Cabinet ministers to church leaders and campaign activists.