Course Structure

Course Duration 

One seminar happens each month from October to July each year. There are three weekends away. They start on Friday evening and finish after Sunday lunch. There are seven Saturday seminars usually starting at 09:30 am and finishing at 5:30 pm. 

Fees & Payments

The cost is £1400 for the whole 10 months of seminars. The payment scheme is £400 up front deposit on acceptance to the course and then £100 a month Direct Debit. However, we are flexible on how this is paid, and offer various solutions through different payment schemes, if you can't pay as outlined above. For example: some people pay £140 a month for 10 months because it works out better for their budget; others pay the whole fee up front. This is to be agreed with the CCF office. 

This fee includes: 

All the speakers and leadership networking we provide are drawn from a pool of experts within higher education or political leaders themselves. Local Councilors, MPs, Lords, Diplomats, Conservative Campaign Managers, NGO Directors, University Professors are some examples of positions held by our lecturers. 

All food and accommodation while with us for the weekends and seminar days 

All food and accommodation for the final weekend on Global Politics in Geneva

All costs of tours to Parliament, FCO, UN, UNHCR and NGOs in Geneva

All administration costs 

What you can expect to spend in addition: 

  • Approximately two-three books
  • Travel to Geneva
  • Travel to and from the seminars and weekends away (usually held in the south-east region) 
  • cost for printing and sending in your assignments via post

Assignments & Reading 

There are 4 assignments over the 10 seminars and three books to read. In addition, appropriate articles, video links and audio teachings are sent out before each seminar. 

1. Biblical Worldview and Politics Assignment (Written Answers to Questions) 

2. Political Leadership Paper (Written Essay 2500-3000 words) 

3. Short Press Release for Policy Group Debate (Group Project) 

4. Policy Group Debate Participation (Group Project)

All the seminars happen on the weekend so you can continue with your normal work hours, but you may have to take a day off work for the final weekend in Geneva for travel purposes. 

Approximately 2 days, or 4 half days, a month’s should be set aside for course work and reading. Some months are less and some month need a little more. 


You will read three books in total on the topics below. 

1. Biblical Worldview and Politics/Society

2. Policy Planning 

3. Political Leadership

Optional EU Trip

We are also offering an optional EU trip this year. We will go to Brussels for a tour of EU buildings there and receive input from experienced political leaders.