Local Elections 2018

We were delighted to see many CCF members and IMPACT Course students and alumni stand in the local elections on 3 May 2018. 

We are grateful for the many opportunities we have had over the past few months to campaign for these candidates, and we wish to thank everyone for their incredible efforts in putting themselves forward to be salt and light in local politics. 

We would like to warmly congratulate IMPACT student Tom Bell and CCF member Clare De Silva, who were both elected to Southampton City Council and Enfield Council respectively. Tom who was elected to Southampton City Council with 1725 votes (47%), in an election that saw the Labour Party lost Bitterne, Millbrook and Peartree to the Conservative party. Clare won a seat in Enfield Council. Clare was elected in the Enfield ward of Bush Hill Park with 1926 votes (15.5%). This was an important result for Enfield Conservatives, as Clare and fellow Conservative candidates were able to see off the threat of Labour in a tight contest and also managed to increase the Conservative vote. 

Yetunde Adeshile

Yetunde Adeshile - Pitsea North West - Basildon Borough Council - IMPACT Student

Yetunde Adeshile is a long-term resident of Pitsea, local author and community activist who has delivered projects supporting underprivileged young people, families, women from all nationalities with a focus on people from Black, Minority and Ethnic origins. Yetunde has the vision and passion required to see Basildon work for everyone.

Yetunde says "If elected as your local councillor, I will work with our community to improve performance in the academic achievement and future local prospects for young people, increase employment/business opportunities, promote equality in our borough, gain improved transport infrastructure/services & links, promote community cohesion aimed at reducing crime/hate crime. I will also be proactive at implementing community initiatives, especially for those that will keep our environment clean and safe, whilst ensuring that housing and green-land maintenance issues are efficiently managed.

I am counting on your vote for the 3rd May local elections, so I can be the strong voice for positive change that has been long overdue in our area."

Yetunde came second in her ward with 32% of the vote, an increase of 18% for the Conservatives. 

Yetunde will be standing again in the upcoming by-elections in Pitsea South East ward on the 21st of June.


Lara Akindiji – Underhill Ward – Barnet Council – IMPACT Alumnus

Lara Akindiji is a consultant solicitor with over 8 years experience in the legal sector. She has led on high profile case such as: The extension of the Metropolitan line; Watford Health Campus and the Supreme Court of Appeal case Saba Haile v The London Borough of Waltham Forest.

She is passionate about helping people and seeing social justice, her efforts were recognised when she was nominated and short listed for the Law Society's prestigious Young Lawyers award.

Lara strives to serve her community and desires to see everyone go at least as far their talents will take them. Her role as the deputy chairman of the Underhill ward for a mainstream political party enables her to achieve this goal.

Lara won 1769 votes, in a ward that saw all three Conservative candidates gain a higher share of the vote compared to 2014.   

Christine Bamigbola

Christine Bamigbola - Langley St Mary's Ward - Slough Borough Council - IMPACT Alumnus 

Christine has lived in Slough for 30 years including her childhood years. She studied at the Thames Valley University in Slough where she graduated with BA Hons Accounting & Finance Europe. She went on to work as a Management Accountant for 15 years working with Telecom and Pharmaceutical companies based in Slough and the Thames Valley area.

For 10 years, Christine has worked with community charities helping families going through a period of crisis and serving as a trustee. On a voluntary basis, she is an advocate for education and mentoring young people to maximize their aspirations. That passion led her to become a School Governor at a primary and a secondary school as well as being a member of the Slough Schools forum.

Christine brings a unique knowledge and understanding of local issues as well as strong experience from different economic sectors which will enable her to represent the voice of local people, bring positive change and a better quality of life for the residents of the Langley St Marys ward. Read more about Christine and her campaign.

Christine came second in Langley St Mary's with 842 votes.

Tom Bell

Tom Bell – Peartree Ward – Southampton City Council – IMPACT Student

Tom Bell is the Conservative candidate for the Southampton City Council elections for Peartree ward. Tom grew up on the Isle of Wight and has lived in Southampton since 2011 having come to study Electronic Engineering at the University. Throughout his time in Southampton, Tom has worked for a range of high-tech businesses and startups in Hampshire and is now a part-qualified Patent Attorney. He has a clear vision for the future of Southampton and wants to serve the city which he has made home.

Outside of politics, Tom enjoys reading, camping, cycling and bouldering. He is a Member of Christ Church Southampton which facilitates the running of Burgess Road Library. 

Congratulations to Tom, who was elected to Southampton City Council with 1725 votes (47%), in an election that saw the Labour Party lost Bitterne, Millbrook and Peartree to the Conservative party.

Alan Bowden

Alan Bowden - Bensham Manor Ward - Croydon Council - IMPACT Student

Alan has lived in Bensham Manor for almost 25 years now, and believes it is time for him to serve the community more. For a long time he has thought of politics as an arena in which he could usefully work. Alan believes strongly that the principles of Conservatism are the best foundation we have available to us for the forming of an equitable and free society. Conservatism gives support where it is needed, and the opportunity for each of us to grow in the knowledge of our self worth.

Alan belongs to a house church that has been running for years, and that has touched many lives for good. Before coming to Croydon he earned his living from farming, and from teaching piano and organ, and now he is accompanist to a large and vibrant office choir in Westminster. He is on the Steering Group of 'Christians In Government UK' with particular responsibility for worship, and is worship leader in one of two Westminster based groups he belongs to, that meet each week to pray for Government and for the nation.

Alan has lived in Croydon since 1990. He works as a specialist in data and systems, having held posts in both the Private and Public sectors. He is now based in central London, working in government, but for more than fifteen years his work was in Croydon.

Alan came fourth in the local elections with 726 votes. He won more votes than the other two Conservative candidates and together they were able to increase the Conservatives vote.

Clare De Silva

Clare De Silva – Bush Hill Park Ward – Enfield Council – CCF Member

Clare is a member of Restore church and has lived in Enfield with her young family for four years. In her professional life she works with charities and community groups, helping them to reach some of the most marginalised individuals and raise funds to support their work. Having worked at the grassroots in community development for over 15 years Clare is passionate about local residents being able to have a say in how their services and communities are run.

She is a real advocate for education and widening access to employment. As well as being a small business-owner, she has experience in transforming health services, housing, enterprise development and leading charities which gives her a rounded set of experiences to bring to being a Councillor.

We would like to congratulate Clare for her election to Enfield Council with 1926 votes (15.5%). This was an important result for Enfield Conservatives, as Clare and fellow Conservative candidates were able to see off the threat of Labour in a tight contest and also managed to increase the Conservative vote. 

Al Lewis

Al Lewis – Addison Ward – Hammersmith and Fulham Council – CCF Member 

Al is a charity worker and has lived locally in Shepherds Bush for a decade. He sits on the environment committee where he works in Waterloo making that area greener, more pleasant, less polluted. Over 15 years, he has worked in the charity sector with amazing organisations in the fields of cancer care, animal welfare and global poverty. He will campaign for Addison to have better lighting, signage & bins as well as more trees & plants.

His belief is that "Good jobs are the best way for people to improve their circumstances and build for a better future."

As a charity worker he is committed to making the world a better place. He has experience in improving the physical environment and will work to make Addison a better place to live and work.

Al won 983 votes in Addison Ward.

Alison Rodwell

Alison Rodwell – West Hill Ward – Wandsworth Council – IMPACT Alumnus

Alison is a graduate of the CCF's IMPACT Leadership Programme.

Alison has lived in West Hill for 8 years with her husband and two children. She volunteers at a local primary school and her family are members of St Michael’s Church.

In recent years she has worked in sustainability, helping businesses build a greener and fairer future, and has been involved in campaigns to reduce the impact of traffic and air pollution. She has also chaired boards of start-up charities and social enterprises.

Alison won 1,626 votes in West Hill Ward.


Alex Stewart-Clark

Alex Stewart-Clark – Latchmere Ward – Wandsworth Council – IMPACT Alumnus

Alex stood was Holyrood candidate for the Conservatives in the Glenrothes & Mid Fife Constituency. He fought in the May 7th 2015 Westminster general election where the vote marginally increased for the SCU. 

Alex grew up on a 400-acre arable farm just north of Kirkliston, on land his family has farmed for the past five generations. Understanding the impact of successful businesses in the local community, and the slow pace of land and property, Alex takes an active role in community leadership. 

He is trustee of Passion Trust, an organisation that supports the resurgence of Passion Plays in the UK, and is also a church pastor. 

Alex is a long-standing supporter of the CCF and his small group’s policy work on Family Test on our IMPACT Course resulted in the Government adopting the policy in 2014. 

Alex won 913 votes.