Campaigning Week 4

On Sunday 28th May, CCF Director Gareth Wallace was privileged to be with Prime Minister Theresa May at a special church service with our friends Jesus House Church

In her interview with Pastor Agu Irukwu the Prime Minister said;

“What I learnt from my parents – particularly my father, was the importance of treating every human being equally, not making assumptions and actually recognising that we are all human, we come from different backgrounds, different interests, different problems. However, his job was to serve everybody and that’s the message that I hope that I have kept with me from my time in the vicarage.”

To read more about what the Prime Minister said during her visit please click this link.

P.s If you haven't already read it; here is Theresa May talking about faith, church and Christianity in an interview with Marcus Jones at Premier.



Fish, Chips, and seaside campaigning with Caroline Ansell, Candidate for Eastbourne and Willingdon.

The CCF Team joined Caroline, Baroness Stedman-Scott and others in Eastbourne for a campaign session. One of the perks of campaigning on the South Coast on a sunny day is the chance to have fish and chips for lunch.





Bank holiday campaigning for Beth Prescott, Conservative candidate for Dewsbury.




CCF Director Gareth Wallace went to Edinburgh to campaign with CCF supporters in Scotland, supporting Miles Briggs for Edinburgh South West.






Out supporting Dr John Hayward, Conservative candidate for Cambridge.


Campaigning in Oxford for Dr Suzanne Bartington candidate for Oxford East and Nicola Blackwood, candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon






London Campaigning 

The CCF Team and supporters have been busy across London getting out to campaign.

Pictures below are from campaign teams in;

Twickenham supporting Dr Tania Mathias

Croydon Central supporting Gavin Barwell

Enfield Southgate supporting David Burrowes