Happy Christmas!

As we reflect on what has been a particularly busy and change filled 2017, Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and to reflect on what matters most to us at the end of a challenging year. 

2017 has been in many ways even more uncertain and difficult than 2016 with the General Election and the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Yet despite domestic or international political turmoil Christmas reminds us of what is enduring and lasting.  God is the One who never changes. The everlasting love that brought God to come to earth in Jesus, is the same love that God offers us today.

In the Bible when Joseph is told that Mary would bear a Son, he is told that “His name shall be called Emmanuel, which means God with us". At the first Christmas, God came down into this troubled world to identify with us, live among us, and show us that each individual matters to God. God is present in Jesus, and at Christmas we remember that he is God with us.

As the CCF looks back on our work this year in Parliament and at Party Conference, we were particularly inspired by our charity partners and their Faith filled work with those in need.

As we think of our hard working candidates, some successful, some unsuccessful whom we stood and campaigned alongside at the General Election we are encouraged as the Conservative Christian Fellowship Family that we are helping mentor the next generation of elected public servants.

We pray for rest, refreshment and a refocusing of our priorities this Christmas season as we look forward to tackling the fresh challenges of 2018. Let me wish every one of you the world a happy and peaceful Christmas.

We would like to thank our CCF supporters for standing with us as we undertake this vital work of being the bridge between the Conservative Party and the Church.