Our Modern Industrial Strategy is part of delivering our plan for Britain.     
This strategy will back Britain for the long term, so businesses can grow and create more high skilled, high paid jobs. That will help build a more equal country, where prosperity is shared and where there is genuine opportunity for all.

We will promote Britain’s strategic strengths and tackle our underlying weaknesses like low productivity. Increasing our overall prosperity; having more people to share in that prosperity; delivering bigger real wages for people; creating more opportunities for young people – all of this depends on raising our productivity.

This is all about ensuring that our economy works for everyone. So we will help young people to develop the skills they need to do the high-paid, high-skilled jobs of the future. And we will make sure that we create jobs and deliver economic growth to every community and corner of the country. 
This Modern Industrial Strategy is a key part of our plan for post-Brexit Britain – a country that will be stronger, fairer and more successful than it is today.