Health and Stewardship

I used to see Susan about every six months. She has “relapsing remitting” multiple sclerosis, the same type of MS that President Jed Bartlett suffered from in The West Wing, the (brilliant) television series about a fictional leader of the free world and his White House staff.

Framework for a healthy childhood

In a culture where young people are increasingly allowed to make adult decisions, we are robbing them of their rightful freedom from responsibility, says Julia Manning.

A Christian View of Government

· Government is a good, but it is important to recognise that it has its limitations.· The Bible does not provide the answer to every intricate question of policy detail; it does provide a framework  within which policy making can be approached.

Spring Harvest in Minehead

Rt Hon William Hague
In a landmark speech at the Spring Harvest festival of evangelicals in April 2000, William Hague explains his Conservative philosophy of linking social justice to personal responsibility. He also invites Christians to make a difference by joining Britain's mainstream political parties.

Voluntarism and good neighbourliness

"Somebody has to pay the innkeeper," Ann Widdecombe said recently, referring to the parable of the Good Samaritan. But why did he decide to be the one to foot the bill? Why would anyone volunteer for more work, more responsibility? The parable raises some searching questions.