Wilberforce Address 2015 in Full

Full transcript of Faith, Freedom and One Nation given by The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP at Westminster Cathedral Hall on 8 December 2015.

Syria Airstrikes

The CCF's response to Parliament's vote to extend airstrikes to Syria. 

Family Test Bill

Caroline Ansell MP is sponsoring a the Family Test Bill.

Pray for Peace

CCF response to the terrorist attacks in Paris & Mali.

Party Conference Success

The CCF are thankful for the successes from our annual church service, supporter supper and prayer breakfasts in Manchester.

Show Up Weekend

Christians in Politics are organising a weekend away in November for people to explore how their faith can impact public life.

Refugee Crisis

Our take on the current situation; how Europe and the UK Government are reacting to the crisis; what Christians can do to respond. 

Food Banks and Food Poverty

The rise in usage of food banks in the UK is an issue of concern for many. We discuss the current situation with food banks, and what the government is doing to tackle food poverty.