"IMPACT Leadership in Public Life course is a unique opportunity to receive training from a Christian perspective about leadership in government."  Steven Hanratty


"The CCF Development programme provided insight into Politics and Public life and this new course looks even better; I recommend it." - Siobhan Aarons


"The IMPACT course provided me with two major things: the knowledge of the political system and confidence to face whatever situation arises in the political sphere, and a support network and fellowship to sustain this confidence in years to come. We’ve been working closely and learning with and from people from all walk of life. This year changed me for the better." - Alessia Cesana IMPACT Alumni 2015


"The IMPACT course is a unique and eye opening experience, one which I am sure will being me knowledge and contacts throughout my career. The team organised speeches from Members of Cabinet, Lobbyists at the UN, humanitarian lawyers, campaigners, politicians and many many more fascinating people. Once all the hard work is completed the best part of the IMPACT course was the trip to Geneva, where we visited the UN and had a historical tour of the City."   Stephanie Dyke IMPACT Alumni 2015


"Having no strong political affiliations but having a strong  conviction of the imperative of having and using my vote, the invitation to attend the taster session was right on cue. Faye had invited me to attend the course for several years but August 2015 was the year opportunity met preparation. The exposure to the seats of power and the processes by which national and international decisions are made was both heartening and enlightening. The testimonies of men and women of faith emblazoned on the walls of the Houses of Parliament; the minimisation of the African continent as represented by a semi naked black child on the walls of the Foreign Office, the UN building in Geneva generated much discussion disagreement and passion. The course speakers were by and large inspirational and challenging. The friendships; the prayer and worship gatherings; the acapella praise sessions;  the essays and the team projects moulded a group of ambivalent strangers into a fellowship which reaches beyond the life of the course. What a gift! What a blessing!  What a privilege!  What a glorious legacy!! " - Noel Brown IMPACT Alumni 2015


"An outstanding course of training for public/political life giving sound foundation, information, preparation and connections; accelerating the students into their chosen political careers with good strong support from political experts and professionals." - Valerie Williams IMPACT Alumni 2015