The CCF is a cross denominational organisation that exists to be the bridge between the Christian world and the Conservative Party, it aims to inspire and equip Christians to go into public life and aims to be ‘Salt and Light’ in British politics.

Listening to Britain's Churches - Started by Iain Duncan Smith and Tim Montgomerie in 1998

‘Listening to Britain’s Churches ‘ is about ensuring that the church is heard and engaged in politics and public life. Bringing it back in 2013/14 the CCF wants to ensure that the government of this

We are belivers in prayer

The Holy Bible and prayer are foundational to what we do

It is a duty but also a privilege to pray for good government in our nation and for those who have bravely stepped up to take the decisions

We are angry about injustice and suffering

The CCF is involved in a number of social action projects

A large part of the CCF and what we do is Social Action, whether it is taking charities to the Conservative Party Conference or the Colin Bloom

The Impact Course is a training programme designed for Christians with a passion for political engagement at any level. The Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF) seeks to equip Christians to lead in their local communities, national governments or in international relations.

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