The Conservative Christian Fellowship is an organisation of Christians who support the Conservatives. Our members range from those who just vote Conservative and want to pray and encourage decision makers to MPs, Councillors and Peers. The CCF has members all over the UK and is an



‘Prayers For The Nation‘

What greater privilege is there for a Christian than to pray to God? What better place to do it than the historic chapel within the Houses of Parliament?

'Prayers for the Nation' - the CCF's monthly 

Supporting the CCF makes an impact at the centre of politics...

There are a variety of different ways that you can get involved with the CCF and the political life of our nation:

Local involvement

CCF supporters can

The Impact Course is a training programme designed for Christians with a passion for political engagement at any level. The Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF) seeks to equip Christians to lead in their local communities, national governments or in international relations.

Take a look

Bridging the gap, locally

Be part of a growing network and make an impact in your area

The CCF has a growing network of local groups around the country, each meeting the needs of it's members and the community

This month’s Prayers For The Nation (PFTN) is a Burundi Special entitled: "Faith under Fire".

We are pleased to have our guest speaker Simon Guillebaud from Great Lakes Outreach. Simon Guillebaud is a passionate evangelist who has spent the last sixteen years (with a few breaks in between

Coming soon. 


Jul 07
Jul 07
6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.

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