The CCF builds relationships between the Christian world and the world of politics and Government. We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship that inspires and equips believers to go into public life. We are ‘Salt & Light’ in the world of Government and politics


Next year the CCF will be celebrating our 25th anniversay. This is an amazing milestone in our history and one that we are going to mark with something big. Put the date in your diary now, get your London hotel room sorted and we will see you on June 16th!

‘Listening to Britain’s Churches‘ is about ensuring that the church is heard and engaged in politics and public life. Bringing it back the CCF wants to ensure that the government of this day is listening to what the

One way in which we (and you) can get involved is to get out and about campaigning.

Whatever your level of experience there is a role you can fulfill.

There are a great many candidates across the UK for who this is a

Supporting the CCF makes an impact at the centre of politics...

There are a variety of different ways that you can get involved with the CCF and the political life of our nation:

Local involvement

CCF supporters can

The Impact Course is a training programme designed for Christians with a passion for political engagement at any level. The Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF) seeks to equip Christians to lead in their local communities, national governments or in international relations.

Take a look



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